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Preserve Carlsberg! Preserve the area’s characteristics, preserve the sense of quality, preserve the progressive thinking!

Carlsberg is one of the most remarkable districts in Copenhagen. The area is beautiful and filled with architectonical masterpieces, from industrial factories to great villas. It has urban qualities and the townscape presents an interesting untraditional planning method. Rather than a master plan, Carlsberg is a master puzzle- put together by different invited artists, gardeners and architects over the time.

The strategy is to continue the idea of curation with different talents. The team proposes to invite specialists for architecture, art, landscape design, traffic, energy engineering to continue a well curated city.

The urban plan shows how the green areas connects west and east. The courtyards is now placed between the buildings. In the structure plan the warped chessboard stands out clearly, merging with the existing building structure. The scale of the buildings in determined by the surrounding houses.

When: June 2008
What: 33 hectare. Masterplan
Where: Vesterbro, Copenhagen

Urban plan 


Structure plan and the curated plan 

Geothermal and energy concept 



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