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Museum Plaza

Museum Plaza is a 62 story high building with a complex program! Condos, a museum, a school, a hotel, offices are mixed together in this vertical city!
I participated in the schematic design phase, developing the concept of the lifted "Island” of Museum Plaza. This central part of the high rise combines several programs and flows. The island mainly consists of a museum for contemporary art, a restaurant and the school, Master of Fine Arts.
It was an interesting challenge, that needed a nontraditional concept. I assisted with plan development and tested different diagrams in models and drawings.
I worked with including gallery flexibility, synergy between culture and commerce and interweaving infrastructure.
“Facade fins” were tested in models, sun diagrams and drawings. Later they were build in prototypes.
“The collision of cultural and commercial uses within the Island (galleries, pool, auditorium, bar, education spaces, gym, restaurant, ballroom...) provides fruitful opportunity to question the typology of a contemporary art institute”.

When: Autumn 2006
What: 141,800 m², 214 meters. 3,700 m² Contemporary art institute, 2,300 m² Master of Fine Arts program, 250-room Westin Hotel, 117-aprt. Lofts, 25,000 m² Office space on 13 floors, 1,900 m² Restaurants and shops
Where: Louisville, Kentuckey

Museum Plaza from Brooklyn Digital Foundry on Vimeo.










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