Mia Scheel | Arkitekt MAA

SKY VILLAGE - High Rise in Copenhagen, Rødovre

1st prize in invited competition

By creating a tower that is basically a grid structure with a minimal pixel size, any configuration can be imagined and filled in. The grid-size of 7.8 x 7.8 m combines a proper small housing unit and office type. The units, or pixels, can also be joined together to form larger spaces to accommodate larger apartments, hotel rooms or offices. A sustainable structure arises. This leads to a vertical, pixilated ‘rock’ of unit types; a character-full element that goes beyond the form-driven iconic exercises of the last years. The shape of the volume minimizes impact of shadows to the surrounding houses and without blocking the views on ground level. A village in the sky..

When: January-April 2008
What: 22.000 M2. Masterplan and building design
Where: Copenhagen, Rødovre, DK
Who: ADEPT, MVRDV, Søren Jensen and ABT Velp












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