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Belgrade Waterfront

The challenge was to integrate 11.000 M2 of program, on top of a 1920'ies 300 m, long terminal, in between a historic fortress and the artistic, old part of Belgrade.
Not to mention solving varied traffic issues on site.

The approach was to create a park scape from the well visited fortress and to give the existing neighborhoods a park. We chose a hill integrated building solution and a strategy that allowed the scenery to stand in the front line. The new building functions like a backdrop to the park, as well as the historical facades does.

The programme wasn't completely defined from the start so we choose to work with displaying Serbian arts & design. Creating ateliers and galleries, combined with shops and a museum in three levels.

The movement in the building is a continuous flow from park level to the fortress. Functions are organized along this internal path, towards the hill, so that you move along the facade. We see the facades as a large glass and steel construction with perforated steel plates mounted on the outside. The random pattern and the gradient colors create shadow and light experiences inside the building.

When: May 2011
What: Open competition
Program: 6000 M2 of cultural program. 5000 M2 of commercial program.
Where: Belgrade, Serbia. Municipality of Belgrade.
Who: WHITE Arkitekter

Connecting fortress and the water 

East. Arrival from the city 

The road is now underground 


South. Perforated metal plates 

The paths towards the fortress 


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