Mia Scheel | Arkitekt MAA

Aalandsgade Karreen, apartments , cafe and shops

The area mainly consists of traditional buildings in red bricks. Most apartments are to small for todays need. The area is up and coming and has gone through successful revitalization. We will continue down this path. Our approach is to respect and rethink the building style of the neighborhood!
From the street, Aalandsgade Karreen blends in to its surroundings, yet more distinguished. Towards the yard, the building shows more personality with the characteristic zink cladding. We challenge the known materials of recycled bricks and reused zink, into an interesting living space. Common workshops, a cafe and shops are the base of the house. All apartments have access to a balcony towards the newly planned courtyard. Most of them have several levels for an interesting and different apartment.

When: September 2009
What: 4000 M2 apartments, workshops, shops
Where: Sommerlystgrunden v. Holmbladsgade, Copenhagen S
Who: Det Arkitektoniske Værksted




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