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Zink House

Zink House/ Zinkhuset is a part of the town plan “North Port”, created by the Dutchman Adrian Geuzes.
The building is a block consisting of 60 exclusive owner-occupied flats. The block is built as a sculptural box, tipped up towards the west and the view of the town. The ’lift’ and the courtyard space ensures light and air underneath the house. It connects the house with the open street space and the shops are reached on both sides. It was important to create a lot of outdoor space, both a private courtyard, terraces and roof top gardens.
The building is coved in zinc and the terraces seems like sharp cuts in the hollow block, due to the wood cladding inside.

When: 2005, complete 2008
What: Apartments and shops. Gross floor area 6500 M2
Where: Dampfærgevej, Søndre Frihavn, København
Who: Hvidt og Mølgård Arkitekter (Holsøe Arkitekter), Niras, Sjælsø Gruppen






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