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Trondheim Arena

The island of Brattøra is under development. As many other places in Europe the industries are moving out to the perimeters, leaving central ground to be developed. Our assignment was to make proposals for a new Arena in Trondheim. To fully understand the city and to give the client a realistic point of departure for estimating the size of the arena, we did a city-, marked- and competitor analysis, alongside with a general site analysis. How many concert seats would be profitable in Trondheim? Did they really need six new handball courts? Or maybe even several more! We sat out to investigate this for the client.

Parallel with the business marked analysis, we developed several concept schemes for the arena. Form, logistics, sound environment, the flows and clashes of two quite different programs was in focus. We settled for a round concert hall that opened up towards the city. Placed it closest to the city core as a entry for the new developed residential island. The sports area, on several floors, was placed more central on the site, as a more local feature for the future inhabitants.

When: CD in spring 2011. Ongoing
What: 8000 M2 concert hall, 6000 M2 sports arena
Where: Trondheim, Norway
Who: SPACEGROUP for Optiman AS

South east view from the center 

Area scale analysis 

Arena concept models

My concept sketches

3 chosen concepts



Trondheim center and Brattøra 

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