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Urban Camping - Barcelona Hostel Tower

The competition brief was quite experimental and visionary. "A 100 m. Bohemian Hostel Tower in the old Gothic Quarter of Barcelona".
They asked for "a new type of accommodation" and "a new prototype on living".

"How can we interact with the outside world when we are in our private rooms and also conceive the inside when we are outside? How can a vertical habitat of backpackers become an ultra dynamic space, both from within, but also for the city?"

The concept:
We suggest a transformable structure where pods, form clusters and create activity. The 100 m. facades becomes a changeable experience. As leads, these private pods are hanging on a huge steel structure, that contains all common areas and the main logistic of the house.

The pod: We work with the idea of urban camping. You can freely decide yourself, where to put your "tent" for the night. They are moveable in curtain axes.
Detach from everything and enjoy the panorama of the city.

Vertical quarters: There are five main quarters in the tower. This creates diversity and curiosity to visit the other quarters. You can harvest vegetables in the community garden, hang out in the media center, shop in the lower levels or have a tea at the ground level garden.

When: April 2011
What: Open competition. http://www.arquitectum.com
Program: 100 m tower. 4000 M2 of rooms, common areas, restaurant.
Where: Barcelona, Spain
Who: Milad Hossainzadeh,Anna von Gegerfelt, Markus Magnusson, Thomas Aronsson, Peter Krogh, Marthe Myrvoll, Mia Scheel
My role: Concept development, sections, plans, photoshopping

The entry board 

Cross section and level 20 

Ground floor, foyer and garden 

20th floor 

Inspiration material  


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